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Connecting and Equipping Young African Professionals in the DMV
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1. Needs

The Young African Professionals recently launched a networking platform on Mighty Networks and needed someone to grow and manage their budding community. The role was brand new and needed someone who could take charge of the overall direction.

2. Process

After agreeing to come on as the community manager for YAP DC, I have worked to create a set of guidelines that create an understanding of the community managers' role compared to the rest of the team and define the three main goals we wanted to accomplish: growth, increased engagement on the platform, and member satisfaction. To this effect, I have set out to create and implement strategies and campaigns that help us hit each of these goals.

3. Results

Currently, I lead a team of three other community managers and we work to ensure there is always relevant and exclusive information on the YAP networking platform. We've increased engagement across the platform and my teammates and I advocate on behalf of the YAP members. In addtion, I'm currently leading YAP's first membership drive along with the communications and makreting team.

Project Details

Client: YAP Network

Date: 2018

Online: www.yapdc.org

Categories: Community Management

The Young African Professionals - DC Network is a nonprofit professioanl organization specifically for Africans in the DMV. The organization provides members with resources and a robust network to enchance their professional development goals. Through in person events, strategic partnerships and now their very own networking platform, YAP DC is able to provide value for its members across the length of their professional career path.
In addition to my online role as the community manager, I have spoken on behalf of YAP at several events. Whether it is leading a panel on moving back to Africa, opening up an event with a bookstore partner or being called to open our networking hour, - I'm able to quickly and succintly advoate on behalf of YAP and liase with out remote team.

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