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1. Needs

Kohidu was launching their new business and needed help getting off the ground with a splash. The product, packaging and mission were ready to go, but it was time to bring it all together and present it to the world.

2. Process

To help get Kohidu off the ground, I took a multistep approach. The first was to help create a simple and punchy tagline that tied together their mission and brand value: Inspired Skincare. Next we needed great visuals that helped communicate Kohidu's quality and the care that went into the preparation. I designed and directed a creative photoshoot that highlighted Kohidu's natural ingredients. Finally, I got the social media off the ground through curation and creative captions that helped show the owner what direction to go in.

3. Results

By pulling together Kohidu's message into a short punchy tagline and eye catching visuals, the company was able to launch with a splash. The creator had content from the photo shoot to work with and use to pitch retailers. The social media was kicked off and owner had a createive strategy with which to move forward.

Project Details

Client: Kohidu

Date: 2017

Online: @kohidu

Categories: Branding, Creative Direction

Kohidu is a travel and food inspired skincare line focusing on scrubs. Their first two products were a coffee scrub and a bissap (hibicus) scrub. The creator was excited to bring her love for travel, natural ingredients and skincare to the Nigerian market, and she wanted to make sure she did it in a thoughtful and educational way.
A lot of thought and care went into making each package of Kohidu products. Throughout my time consulting for this client, I wanted to ensure that was always highlighted. It's what inspired the photoshoot in which audiences could see the simple and loving ingredients that went into the product. In addition, I centered that educational and value add aspect of the brand to help direct the socail media and marketing strategies. It was a joy to work with such a young company that was excited about the products they made and simply wanted to take them to the world with their best foot forward.

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