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My name is Omolayo. I was born in Nigeria, grew up in the U.S. and raised by the world. Communicating across cultures is an essential part of my everyday life. After living in several cities around the world, I finessed my ability to understand my community, uplift their voices, and build authentic connections that move our goals forward. Now, I help others do the same.




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My experience and passion across multiple domains makes me uniquely positioned to deliver quality content and services to a select group of people and brands. Through them all, I build empowered communities, uplift marginalized voices, and create meaningful connections that make our world a more just place to live.

Africa and the Diaspora

I'm passionate about all things Africa & her diaspora and connecting with those contributing to the African renaissance and telling authentic stories about the continent.

Communication Strategy

I help awesome brands tell their story to their global audience in an engaging and authentic way and help them build a passionate community that resonates with their mission.

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Migration and Development

I'm committed to creating a world where mobility is a human right and migrants are empowered and supported in contributing meaningfully to both their countries of origin and residence.

Women & Leadership

I love seeing women thrive in all areas of life, but particularly in decision making positions that allow us to advoate for and create a more just world for all.


I blog about success, travel and the Afropolitan lifestyle. I not only share my story to inspire others, but I also equip them with the knowledge & resources to chase all their dreams

Writing & Speaking

Forever a people person, I love sharing what I know, challenging people to see the world in a new way, and sparking thoughtful conversations around the world.

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I provide unique communication solutions for a variety of clients. Whether it's your next big launch, a social media campaign, an in-depth article or an event for your community, I can help bring your message to life or share mine with your audience.

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I've worked on a variety of projects, some for clients, some personal - all with 100% heart. I'm excited about what I do and I especially love sharing it with the world. Check out some of my past and present projects to get a taste. Use it for inspiration for your next project or reach out to me to create something completely new and unique.

What people are saying:

Even the nature and scope of her question is ambitious beyond her years. She has the intellectual and interpersonal skills to succeed in all of her endeavors.

Dr. Tom Mould, Elon University

What people are saying:

Omolayo's energy and passion towards the project was extremely refreshing. She asked a lot of questions and had great ideas.

Anika Hobbs, Nubian Hueman

What people are saying:

Omolayo is positive, responsible, and delivers on time. Her work was always well-planned.

Eyitemi Popo, Ayiba Magazine

I'm always excited about projects that make the world a more beautiful place

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An afropolitan lifestyle blog about discovery, connection and making a world of difference. I share tips on success, travel, and lessons along the way.
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Medium Articles
On medium, I write about feminism, migration & the African diaspora. Most recently, I wrote an article on how Africa won the world cup, and France's double standards when dealing with African immigrants.
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Afropolitan Central Podcast
Nana and I discuss themes and topics that center on the Afropolitan experience. From Afrobeat music, to growing up African, Children of Blood & Bone, and more, you're sure to connect with the conversation.
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