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Afropolitan Central was born from a need to have more conversations that centered on the Afropolitan experience. It is a bi-monthly podcast in the style of a conversation between my myself and my friend, Nana Mensah, in which we discuss topics and themes that are of concern and interest to Afropolitans around the world. We've covered topics like redefining development in Africa, traveling Africa, growing up in an African home (no matter what continent), the hit novel Children of Blood and Bone and so much more. Check out the episodes below and follow us on Sound Cloud or iTunes to join the conversation.
Project Details

Date: 2018

Online: @AfropolitanCentral

Categories: Personal, Marketing

Many people often wonder what the meaning of Afropolitan means, and I believe the beauty is that it can be defined as we see fit. In general, it is understood as being the recent generation of Africans in the diaspora, and are typically mellenials. That said, Afropolitan is not geographical or even age exclusive. The word comes from African and cosmopolitan, so Africans who have never left the continent could easily be Afropolitan. Africans who have been in the diaspora for generations could also be Afropolitan.
In addition to being the co-host of Afropolitan Central, I also lead our communication efforts. We ensure that each episode is educational and sparks conversation. Nana handles that first half through episode direction and editing and I handle the 2nd. I design our graphics and typically schedule our social media and lead our interactions across the web.

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