committed to connecting people to information and opportunities that empower them

A rising migration scholar, and communication enthusiast, Omolayo is passionate about the ties that unite us all. She's an avid traveler and certified people person. On a quest to ensure people's circumstances don't hinder their potential, she's committed to connecting people to the information and opportunities that empower them and their communities.

While exploring new places and meeting new faces, Omolayo stays grounded in the topics that keep her striving to new heights. Nigerian born and American raised, Omolayo is passionate about social justice and equity. She is an advocate for women, black lives, migrants and African women. Omolayo is using her platform and experience to give voice to, celebrate and further the African Rainnassance. Stay tuned. And stay woke.

I've worked with awesome people



A student of international studies & cultural anthropology, Omolayo immersed herself in a 2.5yr university and nationally funded research project on Senegalese migration narratives that involved learning a new language and living in Dakar, Senegal and New York City, USA.

“Omolayo is a bright, motivated, energetic, incredibly curious and ambitious student, She’s doing many of the things a master's or PhD student would be doing for their research - learning the local languages, immersing herself in the local culture, making personal connections with the major scholars in the field - but she’s doing it as an undergraduate. Even the nature and scope of her question is ambitious beyond her years. She has the intellectual and interpersonal skills to succeed in all of her endeavors.”

— Dr. Tom Mould, Professor of Anthropology and Sociology and director of Elon’s Honors Program.

Public speaking  

Enthusiastic, relatable and motivational, Omolayo has given talks and seminars on:

  • Leading a multicultural team
  • Applying for college and scholarships
  • Making the most of your college experience
  • Study abroad and travel done right
  • Africa is not a country.

Consultation & Event Planning

A stickler for details and an eye for the big picture, Omolayo loves seeing ideas become reality in the most beautiful and efficient way possible. From week long events celebrating the African continent or raising awareness and funds for child slavery and trafficking, to fashion shows, yard sales, conferences and school dances Omolayo knows what it takes to put on an amazing event from start to finish. No project to small, no event too big.

Communication Strategy 

From convincing her parents to buy her Sims 2, to the communication strategy of a young Children's museum in Senegal, to handling media partnerships and social media campaigns for a Pan-African media organization, Omolayo has always loved the art of communication. She harnesses that power daily, creating meaningful relationships and strategies around the world.


The go to person in her circle for finalizing documents, people aren’t surprised when they find out her mom is an English composition teacher. From quality checking complicated documents, to helping people finesse their writing style, Omolayo enjoys using the English language; and sometimes the French one, to paint beautiful images and helping others do the same.

New projects & More

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